Ways to Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Space Coast Electric Vehicle (SCEV) Drivers.

The SCEV Drivers group is currently funded by the modest pockets of Co-founders Josh and Brenna.  Starting a new group is a difficult and expensive task taking a lot of time, effort, and money. While we would love to be able to accept tax deductible donations, grants and other funding we are currently not able to apply for this type of financial support. There are many costs involved to incorporate as well as file for non-profit status and with such a small team and limited funds we are not currently pursuing a non-profit designation. We are hopeful that as the club grows we will have the support needed to become an official non-profit organization.

Ways to Give

If you would like to make a NON tax deductible contribution to the SCEV Drivers to help fund items such as signs, banners, business cards, informational pamphlets and other printed educational materials please contact us via e-mail at SpaceCoastEVDrivers@gmail.com.                                                              Please scroll down for examples of expenses.

If you would like to volunteer your time and professional skills we are in need of the following:

  • Legal counsel for our goal of becoming a non-profit
  • CPA for taxes once we incorporate and file for 501 c3 status
  • Graphic Design
  • Individuals who would like to serve on our future board
  • Have a skill we haven’t mentioned? E-mail us!

Examples of Expenses

  • Official SCEV Drivers Event Banner $55
  • One Box of Business Cards (two month supply) $12
  • Event Pop Up 10×10 Tent $75
  • Educational Pamphlets (two sided) $60 per 50 printed @$1.20 ea
  • Misc. Items and Supplies (name tags, tape, rope, tables, chairs, etc)

General Donation Wish List

  • Tent with Logo $349
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord $60
  • Misc. Items

Or you can donate directly to the group with PayPal

Thank you again for your interest in supporting the Space Coast Electric Vehicle Drivers. As we continue to grow we are especially thankful for contributions from donors like you.  You are an essential part of our efforts to build a strong community of electric vehicle drivers in Brevard County, FL and beyond.