Turtle Coast Sierra Club Meeting

The Turtle Coast Sierra Club came out and set up a tent as an exhibitor at the National Drive Electric Week event we had in Satellite Beach on September 19.  They also invited us to bring a couple EVs to their monthly meeting on September 24th since the topic of the night was – electric vehicles!  We brought a good sample of cars for their members to take a look at in the parking lot before the sun went down: Chevy Volt, BMW i3, Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, and Plug in Prius.  I gave the Space Coast EV Drivers overview slideshow that explained why we formed the club and how our mission is to educate the community on all the benefits of driving electric.  After that I showed the slideshow video and EV lineup video we made from the NDEW event with a few pictures of the Turtle Coast Sierra Club tent I helped them set up.  After those quick videos were over we had a long Q&A session where their members had some really good questions!

We agreed it was a very good event and are looking forward to the next public event.  Remember to always check our upcoming events page for all of the places and times where we’ll have our cars and tent set up next!

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