Satellite Beach Founders Day 2015

We had a GREAT time both driving our electric cars in the parade then giving test rides and answering questions about EVs at the Satellite Beach Founders Day event.  It really seemed like the entire population of Satellite Beach was there!  We must have talked to 500 people that day about all the benefits we enjoy from our electric cars and explaining that now there are plenty of used EVs coming off lease or otherwise coming on the market at much more affordable prices.  We would like to thank the City of Satellite Beach for inviting us to the event and letting us be in the actual parade.  With the theme of “surf’s up” one of our members built his own surfboard and wave for his stuffed “Bolt” the dog to ride on top of his Chevy Volt in the parade!  All the while having Beach Boys songs blasting from the radio.  We look forward to our next parade and event with Satellite Beach.  Stay tuned to our upcoming events page to see where we’ll be next.

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