New Charging Station Info Page

Thanks to some information provided by one of our members we have added an extra page to our website.  This page is meant to be a reference for business and property owners who are looking to increase revenue by becoming a leader in the electric transportation future by installing an electric vehicle charging station.  There’s a lot of information on the page that breaks down all the options for business owners and lays out the pros and cons for each.  We know for a fact just from our daily EV driving experience that businesses with EV charging stations gain more of our business that those without chargers.  When we make plans to go to a restaurant to eat we will first look for ones that have a charging station or at least one within walking distance.  A great example is the river-side bar / restaurant Squid Lips in Eau Gallie.  This business is frequented many more times in one month than other establishments in the area simply because of its proximity to the next door charging station at the Eau Gallie Library.  We also make it one of our monthly “First Sunday of the month” meet ups we have as a group.  We also visit the Panera Bread as a group (usually 12 or more of us at a time!) in Palm Bay because it is within walking distance of the charging station at the Kohl’s.  So if you want to get more business than you possibly could with the same money normally invested in a billboard or other advertisement consider spending some of your marketing money in a charging station.  It is a guaranteed way to attract more business and increase revenue compared to normal ads or other marketing.  Your charging station would almost immediately show up on mobile charging station finding / mapping apps that all EV drivers use – such as – and would bring in extra patrons almost overnight!  Take a look at our new charging station info page and make sure to email us if you have any questions to ask from real, daily EV drivers that live, work and shop in and around Brevard County.