Melbourne Beach Founders Day Event Recap

We had a GREAT time answering all the questions from the public about our personal electric cars at the Melbourne Beach Founders Day event on May 2, 2015.  The weather was the complete opposite from last year and was a perfect day with plenty of sun.  We put our cars next to some of the best classic cars in the area where the car show is usually had.  We were very surprised to see that we brought more electric cars than there were gasoline only cars.  There had to be at least 500 – 800 people that passed by, checked out our cars under the hood, read our informational signs, took some of our business cards and educational handouts, or talked with us directly.  Most people had the same questions like how far do they go per charge and how long does it take to charge.  They we all very surprised when we explained the differences in all the available models with up to 270 miles on one charge, as well as plug in hybrid EVs (PHEV) that have an on board gasoline generator that keeps the batteries charged after you run the batteries down to drive as far as you want and just fill it with gas and keep going like a normal car!

About ten people asked us if we worked for the car companies.  We always get this because we are so passionate about the cars and so very knowledgeable about them.  Of course we explain how we’ve just been driving these cars for years as our daily driver and really enjoy it.  The best way to explain it is with a quote: “When you are in love you want to tell the world.” – Carl Sagan.

Here’s some pictures we took during the day:

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