Melbourne Beach Founders’ Day 2016

This was our third year attending this annual event held in the heart of the town of Melbourne Beach.  The previous two years we were just a part of the classic car show.  This year our electric cars were the entire car show.  We must have talked to over 200 people as they passed by with their lemonades, funnel cakes, arts n crafts, and hot dogs who all had some very good questions for us about our cars.  Some were under the impression that we were there to sell cars and started asking us questions about our set of used car prices!  We quickly let them know we were just a club but if they wanted to buy an EV we would help them find the perfect one for their driving needs.  That seemed to be the running explanation of the day since we had so many different makes and models there to show with some all electric and some with gasoline generators that start up after the battery runs down.  It was easy to show people how there’s one to fit every person’s daily driving needs and budgets.  The Tesla Model X 100% electric SUV was the star of the show and was the one everyone walked up to first.  It’s always great to see the reactions from people when you tell them it’s the fastest production SUV on the planet and here it is sitting on Ocean Ave in Melbourne Beach Florida.  We love explaining everything about our cars and how much better our driving lives are since we’ve switched away from gas-only cars.  With all of our great explaining and letting people sit in our cars and “kick the tires” we even helped one couple decide to buy a used Chevy Volt that will be joining our club next week!

We had a great time and look forward to attending again next year.  At the rate we’re growing, we’re sure to have nearly twice as many cars there too!

Here’s a few photos from the event:

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Here’s a link to the entire photo album: