June EV meetup

This month we met at the old Moon Hut in Cape Canaveral, now La Fiesta Mexican restaurant. We had 20 people including the new Sustainability Manager for Cape Canaveral, Zach Eichholz. He gave us a quick list of the things on his to-do list for the city:

The city has four, dual ClipperCreek chargers. They are spread out over several locations like city hall, the library, and Manatee Park.
There will be six more coming this year!
More will be added to city hall.
Some will be added to the wastewater treatment plant for city fleet Ford Focus EV and future fleet plug in vehicles. We reminded him instead of waiting for Rivian and Tesla to come out with their 100% electric pick up trucks they can already get plug in hybrid work trucks from VIA Motors and Workhorse.
He wants to see it go to 20 chargers all over the city.

They are still trying to get 25 Tesla chargers in the city including the free destination chargers that include the J1772 plug for all non-Tesla EVs.

Zach mentioned the chargers have not added any noticeable amount to the city’s power bill. This is important to know that it is OK to give the power away for free because it will pay for itself many times over with all the extra business it will bring from EV owners spending money in the local restaurants and shops.

The city has a brand new sustainability page on their website here:

We have three events to add to the calendar:
Camp epic, solar tour of homes, founders day.
We will be doing National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) on Saturday Sept 14 in Satellite Beach.

If you want to see any of our next events to come learn about driving electric, just check our upcoming events page. And if you want to learn more about charging stations visit our info page. If you just want to ask a quick question you can send us an email.