Formula E Miami Race Recap

If you thought electric cars couldn’t be race cars you’d be mistaken. These single seater, formula 1-like race cars have a top speed of 140 mph and sound like some kind of space ship or fighter jet! Several of us in the group made it down for this race and it was so much fun! We were even able to plug our cars in at the free charging stations at the hotel we stayed in. They had the whole part of Biscayne Blvd in front of the American Airlines Arena fenced off into a giant race area. The track was made up of the streets themselves that went around the arena and up and back down the boulevard. A portion of the track even went under the interstate I-95. Some people even tweeted that as they were driving over the track some one said, “oh look honey I think there’s a race going on down there.” There was a whole “e Village” part of the race area in the grassy park next to the bay with food trucks, bounce houses for the kids, and a nice set up by Florida Power & Light featuring a solar powered cell phone charging station and a green screen to get your picture taken next to a formula E race car. Later in the day an hour before the race the drivers were there to give out autographs. A few of us stood in line but they left to get ready for the race before we could get to them. The line was hundreds of people long in front of us and several hundred behind us! We think the total number of people that came to see the race was in the 25,000 range. Thanks, Formula E, for bringing racing back to Miami! We look forward to next season and will be watching all the races for the rest of this season with great interest. Next year they say instead of every team using the same car with the same motor and the same batteries, etc. they will be able to build their own. That should be VERY interesting to watch. Check out the official Formula E website for more information. You can watch the whole Miami race here on YouTube. Take a look at a few of the awesome photos and a video from the race day below.

-Josh Pritt

Here’s a video I took while watching them practice right next to the track. Listen to the noise they make!