City of Satellite Beach Earth Day Celebration

The City of Satellite Beach invited us back to the Schechter Center to display our EVs along with the other earth friendly exhibitors.  Most of the stuff was inside but we braved the rain and set up our tent and table with our cars just outside the front door with our cars.  Every time we set up at an event it’s always random which cars will be there depending on our schedules.  This time we laughed because we had 5 Chevy Volts all lined up on one side and they were all white!  We hoped no one would ask us if white was the only color they came in.  The other side had a Nissan Leaf and two Tesla Model S sedans.  As the event opened it was very cloudy and raining on a off so everyone was worried that no one would show up.  But right around lunch time the clouds opened up and the sun came out – and so did the people!  There were plenty of questions asked by the public and we were there to answer them all.  There was a couple of people that said they were thinking about getting an electric car as their next one and said they would contact us with more questions.  If you have questions about electric cars we are the ones to ask.  We drive them every day and there’s almost every make and model represented in our club.  From 100% electric to plug in hybrids with gasoline range extenders, we are happy to clear up the confusion and tell you all the differences from our daily driving collective wisdom.

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