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April Monthly Meetup Recap


This month’s meet up took place at Squid Lips, next door to the Eau Gallie Public library, where there are 2 charging spaces.  We had a great turnout! A new member joined the group with his Zero motorcycle and an existing member brought her new Tesla Model 3. We had a wonderful time discussing topics like the Green Grand Prixbattery-powered airplanes,  workplace charging, and current events related to self-driving vehicles.

April will be a busy month. Checkout the Upcoming Events page for more details on the following events.

  • April 14: Cape Canaveral Founders’ Day
  • April 17-18: Kennedy Space Center Earth Day
  • April 20: Satellite Beach Earth Day
  • April 21: Earth Day at the Enchanted Forest

Stay tuned as we add more events to the calendar and provide more information on this year’s National Drive Electric Week.

March EV Meetup Recap

We had our March 2018 meetup at the old Moon Hut in Cape Canaveral, now called La Fiesta.  Real astronauts ate here!  We had a special guest from the city of Cape Canaveral join us and talk about all the new charging stations installed by the city.  We asked how they got the city to install the FREE to use charging stations instead of the more expensive to purchase and operate ones that require you to swipe an RFID card to pay.  He explained that the city understands that by giving away the 50 cents or a few bucks of electricity they will bring many times that in economic bonuses since EV owners will visit the local shops and restaurants while they wait for their car to charge.  We urged the city to spread word to every other city as that is the way to go!  We all agreed that we will all be spending more time in Cape Canaveral because of those free chargers.  He said that we could talk to other cities and send them their way and they would explain it all to them.  So if you’re listening, Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Palm Bay, and every other city out there – talk to Cape Canaveral!  We have over 100 members now and growing every month.  These electric vehicles are the way of the future so it would help to get started now instead of waiting to catch up with your charging infrastructure!  You can use our Charging Station Info page on our website to help answer most of your questions.  You can also contact us and use us as a resource to help answer all of your questions about driving electric.  We do it every day and love it!20180304_153824