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November Monthly Meeting Wrap Up

We had another great meet up for the first Sunday of the month in November.  This month we met at the charging station at Kohl’s in Palm Bay then grabbed a table (and another table) at the nearby Panera Bread to talk and eat.  We added three new members to the list that drive two Nissan Leafs and a Ford Focus EV.  Josh showed the swag that GM sent him for the good reviews and comments left on the survey from the new 2015 Volt, then went over the details for the upcoming two events in one day!  The first event was the morning event at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary then the EcoLiving Jubilee at the Kiwanis Island in Merritt Island for the afternoon, with a one hour overlap.  They only had room for two cars at the first event, then plenty of room for several cars at the second one.  We determined who would bring the tent, banner, chairs, and table to each event then talked about how we’d be skipping the first Sunday of the month meet ups in December, January, and February because of the holidays and the hectic schedules these cause with travel to family and friends, etc.  At the end of the meeting we got one of the workers at Panera Bread to take our picture.  We’ll see you at the upcoming events!

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FIT Homecoming Parade Fun!

On Saturday Oct 26th we had six electric vehicles in the FIT homecoming parade.  We had a great spot up near the front and after a special request we were put in front of the MG club so we didn’t have to “breathe their fumes”!  We realized about two minutes into it that it was going slow enough where two people could have walked in front of our line of cars with our banner.  It’s too bad we had already hung up the banner at our tent in the tailgating area at the end of the parade first thing that morning. But now we know!

Space Coast EV Drivers Tent
Five of Six EVs lined up for the car show.
EV Car Show

After the parade we parked our cars next to each other in a line near our tent and table as usual.  We had about 20-30 people come up to ask questions, sit in, and look at our cars.  As usual most of the  people learned the facts and challenged what they thought they knew about EVs. Some of the attendees let us know they would now consider buying one!  Education and proliferation of EVs are two of the main reasons why we do these events so we call this one a success.

Chevy Volt operating cost numbers
EV Driving facts and numbers

Here’s some pictures from the event and we are looking forward to the next events in November so we can show our EVs to even more people in the community and answer their questions with our real-world experience from driving these electric cars every day.








Our best monthly meet up to date!

This past Sunday we had 12 people attend our EV driver monthly meet up hosted at Meg O’Malley’s.  As usual we parked our electric vehicles by the quick charger in front of Melbourne City Hall for a photo op.

Toyota RAV4EV, Ford Energi plug in EV, two Volts, two Leafs and a Tesla Roadster meet up in front of City Hall in Melbourne, FL
A Toyota RAV4EV, Ford Energi plug in EV, two Volts, two Leafs and a Tesla Roadster meet up in front of City Hall in Melbourne, FL


During our meeting Brenna discussed some things we learned from the National Drive Electric Week event we had on September 20. While we had a few great suggestions for improvement such as better weather next year we did decide to use a clipboard in every EV that gives ride and drives to better count the amount of people participating in the ride and drive portion of the event.

This month we had a new member join the group that had converted a normal Toyota Prius to a plug in version by adding an extra battery pack and some electronics in the trunk area. It is always cool to see the different types of EVs people choose to buy or create. While he liked his DIY plug in Prius  he is now in the market for a Chevy Volt. He came with plenty of questions about the Volt and we were happy to answer.

It’s really great to see more and more people join the group and watch the EV family grow.  This month we started at a table for 10 and quickly had to relocate to a larger table when we got the call that two more were going to be attending.

SCEV Drivers Cards If you have an EV, watch out for one of our members placing one of our business cards on your car so you can join too.  It’s free to join since we’re currently just a club but we are looking into non-profit status in the future .

Thanks for coming out and we’ll see you at the next event on the first Sunday in November. Remember that November is the last meet up of the year and we will start back in March! Keep an eye on our event page to see where we’ll be meeting up next. We have a Forest Festival in Titusville, FIT Homecoming parade and November’s monthly meet up which is scheduled for Panera Bread in Hammock Landing. Parking at the charger at Kohl’s and walk over to Panera Bread.

Here’s some photos from the event including some of our favorite vanity license tags:20141005_160158

20141005_160325   20141005_160335     20141005_160231 20141005_160006  20141005_141011

Drive Electric Week Melbourne 2014 Recap

National Drive Electric Week – Melbourne, FL 2014 was a great success!

SCEV Driver Club Members Pose for Photo

Despite poor weather conditions National Drive Electric Week Melbourne drew around 300 people from the hours of 10-3 to the event on Saturday, Sept 20th at City Hall in downtown Melbourne, FL. The event was organized by our group, the Space Coast EV Drivers with the City of Melbourne partnering with us as our location sponsor.  Event sponsors included Melbourne BMW, Schneider Electric, Brevard Solar,  SEMAConnect and FPL who were all on site with information for EV owners and future owners.  WFIT 89.5 FM was Melbourne’s local National Drive Electric Week Media sponsor. NDEW2014 Sponsors
Exhibitors included our sponsors as well as Blue Life Florida, Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition, Tesla Motors, and Space Coast Progressive Alliance.  Donations for the event were received from our sponsors as well as Tesla Motors, Electric Car Insider Magazine, Palm Bay Kayaks (prize donation), Corey’s Bagels (food donation) and 5th Avenue Starbucks in Indialantic (coffee donation).
Mayor Meehan opens National Drive Electric Week MelbourneMayor Kathy Meehan  opened the event by reading a National Drive Electric Week Proclamation alongside  members of the City Council as well as representatives from the City of Melbourne’s Sustainability program.
Over 26 different types of electric vehicles were on display at the event and owners gave a combined number of over 50 test rides or drives during our event.  Event attendees were able to drive or ride in privately  owned Nissan Leafs, Chevy Volts,  Tesla Model S vehicles and a Toyota RAV4EV while the owners of the vehicles shared their personal experience with their vehicle. Even the Mayor got in on the fun and learned more about the all electric Tesla Model S. Mayor Kathy Meehan Poses with a Tesla Model S
The attendees were able to learn about, price, availability, cost savings and more from the owners of the vehicles. Other EVs such as e-bikes, a Tesla Roadster, BMW i3s , Ford Fusion Energi plug in hybrids  and a Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid were also on display at the event. Personally owned Nissan Leafs as well as Chevy Volts dominated the event.
Josh and Brenna, founders of the SCEV Drivers group were on hand all day to give information to attendees and answer any questions.
SCEV Drivers Tent
Tesla Roadster
“The Melbourne event, organized by the Space Coast Electric Vehicle Drivers club, had high-end electric vehicles as well as economy models on display. The yellow Tesla Roadster, BMW i3 and Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid were the most popular vehicles.” – Florida Today
BMW i3 on Display
We look forward to next years event!
Be sure to check out the event coverage from Florida Today by following these links:


August’s EV Event Recap

This past Sunday we held August’s EV Event at The Mansion in downtown Melbourne. The Mansion is walking distance to the city hall CHAdeMO Level 3 fast charger,  there are no L2 chargers in the area yet. We were able to park almost all of our EVs right out front which was convenient for a nice photo opp.

Owners of electric vehicles pose for a photo
SCEV Drivers line up for a photo in front of The Mansion restaurant in Melbourne, FL

Overall we had another great turnout of EV drivers for the first Sunday  meet up.  When we arrived we saw a blue Ford C-MAX Energi in the parking lot and wondered who’s it was and if they were there for the meeting. It was later determined that they were not attending the meet up so we left them one of our cards in their driver window.  Hopefully they’ll email us back and join the group! In a fun coincidence we found out our waiter also drives a Ford C-MAX Energi so of course we gave him one of our cards to join the group.

During the meeting we showed the new group logo to everyone. To see both styles check out the Facebook page.


Brenna helped design the logo and we had positive feedback on it. Almost everyone agreed they would pay for a polo shirt with our logo and possibly a t-shirt for National Drive Electric Week with  logos and the event date on it.  We are looking into tee and polo shirt pricing so get ready to answer the “what size shirt do you wear” question we’ll be sending out soon.

Yellow Tesla Roaster
Tesla Roadster at the SCEV Drivers August meet up.

We saw a lot of familiar faces this time around and we finally met Jordan T., one of the newest members and had fun checking his Tesla Roadster.  Very sharp!  While we didn’t know what he looked like he made it easy for us by sporting  his Tesla gear.

During the event we went over all the National Drive Electric Week Melbourne details we have so far. Brenna continues to work hard on the event  plan and coordination aspects. Once everyone was caught up on how far along we are with the planning Brenna received a round of applause for all her hard work.  We only have one more first Sunday of the month meet up before the event which will take place Sunday September 7th from 2-4 PM, location TBD.

We will also have another volunteer meeting just before the event so we can go over the final “battle plan” so everyone knows exactly how the event should go before we set up  bright and early on the 20th at 830 am at Melbourne City Hall.  Remember, if you haven’t signed up to Attend and to Volunteer for Melbourne’s event you should do so here.

Nine electric vehicle drivers pose for a photo sitting around a table at The Mansion
Current and future EV drivers pose for a photo during the SCEV Drivers August meet up at The Mansion in Melbourne, FL.

We hope to see you in September!



July’s EV Event Recap

July’s EV Event Recap

Seven drivers of electric vehicles pose for a photo around a table at Panera Bread
Members of SCEV Drivers pose for a photo at the July EV meet up while at Panera Bread in Palm Bay, FL

Each month the Space Coast Electric Vehicle drivers host an informal Electric Vehicle drivers meet up at Brevard County area establishments located within walking distance of a public charging station. These events usually take place the first Sunday of each month, with the exception of months with holidays falling on or close to the date (such as July 4th). For those who couldn’t make it we post an event recap for each month to keep you all up to date!

This past Sunday we held our July EV Event at the Panera Bread in Palm Bay, FL’s Hammock Landing shopping area.

Two Chevy Volt parked in an EV designated spot at Kohl's in Palm Bay, FL
Two Chevy Volt’s parked in EV designated spots at Kohl’s in Palm Bay, FL

The Kohl’s, which is walking distance to Panera has two designated EV parking spaces with a single J1772 Level 2 charger and a 110V outlet. Unfortunately the charger was giving some of our members a hard time and it took quite a while to switch it from one car to another. Luckily one of our members who frequents this charger gave it a little tough love and solved the problem.

We welcomed one new local member with a Chevy Volt and had the pleasure of meeting Al Lococo and his wife, of the Central Florida and Sun Coast EAA who drove their Toyota RAV 4 EV all the way from Winter Haven, FL to attend July’s EV event.

A Toyota RAV4 EV parked in front of Panera
A Toyota RAV 4 EV from Winter Haven, FL attends the July SCEV Drivers meet up.

If you are counting rare EVs in central Florida this is the second 2nd generation RAV 4 EV to attend a Space Coast Electric Vehicle Drivers meet up. Pretty impressive when you consider they were never sold in the state of Florida, Toyota has only sold 1,594 of the 2,600  2nd generation RAV4 EVs produced and Toyota has announced they will not be producing any more of these SUVs in favor of other technologies.

Chevy Volt parked in an EV designated spot
Chevy Volt parked in an EV designated spot at Kohl’s in Palm Bay, FL

At the meet up we discussed efforts to place more local charging stations in and around Brevard, Melbourne BMW’s new dual level 2 dealership charger as well as handy, printable window displays for your EV.   Brenna discussed the early development stages of an official SCEV Drivers logo for the use on future signage, business cards, t-shirts and more. Brenna and Josh gave an overview of progress for Melbourne’s National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) event which will take place September 20th 2014. Please make sure to register to attend or volunteer at the NDEW event! But one of the highlights of the afternoon was that event attendees were able to take home copies of Al’s book Turning Point in History an “exploration into the subject of Energy and Transportation and how they affect our lives, our economy, our politics and our future.”

Overall it was a great meet up and we are looking forward to next month! The next meet up will take place on Sunday August 3rd from 2-4 PM in Downtown Melbourne. We will be meeting and parking at The Mansion located at 1218 E New Haven Ave Melbourne, FL 32901. Those with a L3 compatible car that need a charge are welcome to park at the charger at City Hall which is just a short 7 minute walk (.3 miles)

We look forward to seeing you there and thanks for supporting the Space Coast EV Drivers!





Sunday July 13th Monthy SCEV Drivers Meet Up

It is meet up time!

To better show local areas that we appreciate the installation of chargers (EVSE) as well as to show off numerous electric vehicles at one time and place we will be rotating our meetings between the three current charging stations located within walking distance to food, fun, and shopping. These include the downtown Melbourne L3 charger at City Hall, the Eau Gallie library L2 charger and the Kohl’s L2 charging station in Palm Bay at Hammock Landing. Kohl's building from parking lot

Kohl's EV Charging Sign
Kohl’s EV Charging Sign

For July’s event we will meet in Palm Bay at the Kohl’s L2 charger, pictured above, and walk over to Panera Bread for a late lunch, coffee, tea, or just some great EV Talk. All Electric Vehicle drivers are welcome as well as those wanting to learn more about purchasing an EV from local driver/owners. While these events are normally on the first Sunday of each month, we decided to switch July’s event to the second Sunday due to the holiday. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Comment below to let us know you are going to be there or  Let us know you are coming on Facebook.

When: Sunday July 13th 2-4 PM

Where: The L2 Charger located in front of Kohl’s at 205 Palm Bay Rd NE Melbourne, FL 32904 (the shopping complex is located to the west of I-95 off of Palm Bay Rd)


June’s Monthly EV Meet Up Recap

Space Coast Electric Vehicle Club members and their cars
SCEV Drivers and their cars

The Space Coast Electric Vehicle (SCEV) Drivers want to thank everyone who made it out to the second meeting on June 1st at Squid Lips in Melbourne, FL.  As you can see in the photo above we had six EVs come to this months meet up which is double the number from May’s event.  We had three Nissan Leafs, two Chevy Volts and one Toyota RAV4EV just shipped in from California! Can you say awesome!? Not many groups can say they have the RAV4EV so of course we were thrilled to have one in our group so we could check it out. Here are some photos.

Toyota RAV4EV logo

RAV4EV logo

SIlver RAV4EV rear Toyota RAV4EV

One of the coolest things about this group is the diversity of the drivers. At this month’s event we had drivers who have had their EVs since 2011, drivers who just purchased their car a week ago as well as everything in between. It is great to be able to share stories with potential buyers, new drivers, and the seasoned EV drivers.

Now for the real reason you are here the “what did I miss” recap.  Twelve attendees braved the scattered thunderstorms and descended upon Squid Lips in Melbourne from 2-4 PM. Our group took over a good chunk of the parking spaces surrounding the L2 charging station located at the Eau Gallie Library in the parking lot adjacent to Squid Lips where we enjoyed a late lunch, drinks, and good conversation.

Due to an unfortunate mix up two of the twelve were not actually able to find our group  and ended up meeting a few interesting characters in their search “We did however meet Jack, Jose and Bud(lite). lol” We are so sorry about that and we have added a phone number to the Facebook page so anyone who has trouble in the future can get in contact with us. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

During the two hours we discussed all things electric vehicle, shared how wonderful the PlugShare app is to our newest EV drivers and talked with a potential EV driver who shared his story of how the local Ford dealers do not have the car he wanted to test drive and the ones they do keep on the lot are not even charged! We discussed Septembers upcoming event for National Drive Electric Week, how our “outreach” aka leaving one of the SCEV business cards on every EV we see while we are out and about is going and more.

The highlight of the event had to be when we asked the manager to come to our table to let him know we chose to meet there because they are so close to the charging stations and he admitted “I have no idea what you are talking about.” We explained that we all drive electric vehicles and the “thing at the end of the library parking lot” is a level 2 charging station. We explained further that it is for our cars, because they do not use gas and he laughed and said to us “that is crazy, I always assumed that was an air pump for all the people who ride bikes around here.” Of course that comment was met with laughter as none of us had ever heard that one before.  It was a fun meeting! Check out this short clip from around the table at the event

Be sure to check the Facebook page and the website for July’s event. Due to the first Sunday being very close to the holiday weekend we are planning to move the event to the second Sunday in July, the 13th. We will meet at the Kohl’s charger in Palm bay 205 Palm Bay Rd NE Melbourne, FL 32904 and walk over to Panera Bread for coffee, snacks, and or good conversation with fellow EV drivers.


Josh and Brenna



First Sunday of the month meetup this Sunday!

Be sure to join the event this Sunday June 1st at Squid Lips Grill in Melbourne from 2-4pm. This will be our second monthly meet up where we get together to show our EVs out in force around town and enjoy happy hour and good conversation. Anyone who has an EV or wants to know more about them is welcome to attend the meet up! We will be parking our cars next door at the L2 charging stations at the Eau Gallie Public Library. We Hope to see you there. You can read last months event recap here:
You can let us know you are coming by commenting below but it is not required.  See you there!

First Monthly Electric Vehicle Meetup

Men standing next to their electric vehicles
SCEV Drivers with their cars
SCEV driver members sitting in their cars
SCEV Drivers at the L3 charger

First, we would like to thank everyone who made it to the first Space Coast Electric Vehicle Drivers monthly meet up. It was a perfect day to park our cars at the level 3 charger in downtown Melbourne, Fl and walk over to Meg O’Malleys for a late lunch.

We love the idea that the cars are parked together and are easy to view so people walking by can see electric vehicles of all types in their town. It is a great way to show the town we are here, we are using the newly installed infrastructure, and we will make a point to gather in locations that add electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) such as the new CHAdeMO charging station. (Especially when they are located in truly convenient areas of town with easy access to amenities.)

So now we are sure you are asking yourself “what did I miss?” As if the opportunity to dine on some of Melbourne’s most delicious French onion soup wasn’t enough here are the details.  We spent the time discussing our cars, talking about upcoming events, discussing outreach opportunities, what we all do for work, how good the crab cake appetizer is, how we ended up in Melbourne, strange or fun experiences you have had interacting with the public in regards to your electric vehicle, how good this half a rack of ribs is, lots of talk about flying planes (commercial and private), and much, much more.

Couldn’t make it this month? No problem, there is always next month. So save the date for the first Sunday in June which happens to be June 1st at Squid Lips in Melbourne. Be sure to check the website. We look forward to seeing you at the next meet up.