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West Melbourne Library – Truck or Treat Event

The West Melbourne Library invited us to bring a few EVs to this event to show off along with the big trucks like buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, armored police trucks, and give out candy to the kids in costume.  It turned out really well and for some of the younger kids it was a bit of Halloween “practice” for saying “trick or treat” and “thank you!”.   While giving out chocolates and lollipops to the kids we also gave out information to the adults about electric cars.  There were lots of those that still thought the Chevy Volt was electric only and didn’t know it had the gasoline backup generator.  Most of the complaints were that EVs were too small.  They want SUV and Van sized EVs to carry around their 3-7 children and friends.  So if you’re reading this and you can help get the message to the manufacturers please make sure they know to start putting the Voltec drive train into SUVs and Vans.  The plug in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica is EXACTLY what they are looking for.  It was a fun event and we’ll look forward to going again next year.

Full photo album here: 20161015_095653 20161015_095718 20161015_095803


National Drive Electric Week 2016 is this Saturday!

Make sure to sign up to attend the big, annual electric car show happening this Saturday, September 17th from 10 am – 4 pm at the Schechter Center in Satellite Beach.  All the info you need and the button/form to sign up to attend can be found here:

This event is happening nation wide (and some places all over the world!) this week in various cities.  Each event is led by a city captain that gets all the local EV drivers to share their personal electric vehicles with the public for rides or test drives.  The main idea is to get people to see the benefits of driving electric and have their questions answered by real people that drive EVs every day.  This is much better than talking to sales people in our opinion and makes it more comfortable to ask questions in a non-sales environment.  There will be dealers at the event just in case anyone wants to switch to an electric car after taking a test ride or drive!

We will also be raffling a gift card to Longhorn, a Chevy Volt branded duffle bag, a Chevy Volt branded USB hub with memory card reader, and other things!

We’ll also have food trucks available for refreshments and an air conditioned room with tables and chairs for eating.

There will be solar power installers on site as well to answer all your questions about costs and tax breaks on getting panels installed on your house.  Then you can charge your car with your solar panels and drive around on pure sunlight!

Here’s some videos we made from last year’s event to give you an idea of what to expect:

So if you want to take a ride in a Tesla or kick the tires on a Chevy Volt, come by this Saturday and check out the electric cars!  Don’t forget to sign up to attend here:


June 2016 Monthly EV Meetup

Today we met at the Florida Institute of Technology Panther Dining Hall. Members used both the old charging station under the parking garage and the new charging station at the Harris Student Design Center while we ate lunch and talked about upcoming meetings and all things EV. Here are the notes from the meeting:

Upcoming events:

EV Presentation at Advent Lutheran Church
David Jahn, one of our Leaf driving members is giving an electric vehicle presentation to the men’s group at the Advent Lutheran Church 7550 N Wickham Rd on Saturday, June 18 from 9-10:30 am. He wants us to bring as many different EV models as we can to be a part of the show n tell portion of the presentation. Let me know if you can make it to this event. Look for the calendar entry so you can click Yes, No or Maybe to RSVP as showing your vehicle and this will add it to your calendar.

EV Presentation at Marine Resources Council Lagoon House
We were invited to give a presentation on EVs at the Lagoon House on Thursday July 7 from 10 am – 12 pm. It is in the middle of a work day so we don’t expect too many people will be able to make it but if you can it will help show them just how many different options there are out there. Again, watch for the calendar entry for this event so you can click Yes, No, or Maybe to RSVP.

Other Notes:

We took a vote and was nearly unanimous that FPL is not invited to National Drive Electric Week in September unless they revoke their support for the anti-solar initiative they are pushing. This shouldn’t be an issue as we are planning to take a different approach to NDEW this year with a “tailgate” festival that’s more for showing our force, family fun, and really getting people to talk to the drivers and owners of EVs and showing off our cars. Brenna is working on planning that event while wrapping up her MPA degree at Florida Tech, currently in her third to last class!

More information on the solar power issues:
And here’s more information about the other initiative that’s made to sound like it’s in our best interest but actually in the utilities’ and shareholders’ best interest:

One of our members was asking for more information about the Workplace Charging Challenge to give info to the bosses at their workplace so they will be encouraged to install charging stations for employees.
Here is the official Department of Energy website chock full of the info needed:

We had special guests that brought a book and some 3D printed models of the super efficient Acabion car and bounced the idea off of our group. More information about this car can be found in this review from gizmag:

Inline image 6
We also added a new member that drives a 100% electric Zero S motorcycle.  That’s our first electric motorcycle in the group! More information on the Zero S and their other electric motorcycles can be found on their website here:  Here’s what a Zero S looks like:
Here are some photos we took showing how our group is growing so big that we now span multiple tables!
Inline image 2Inline image 1Inline image 5Inline image 4Inline image 3

Honor Flight Car Show Recap

One of the biggest car shows of the year was had again this year in Indialantic on May 28 but this time at the Holy Name of Jesus church and we brought an electric car and our tent to answer questions about driving on electricity.  This car show is put on by the Classic Car Reflections car club and all proceeds from entry fees from each car go towards the Honor Flight charity.  This charity pays for the whole trip for veterans to go see the memorial that was built for them in Washington DC.  So it makes perfect sense for this show to be held on Memorial Day weekend!  There were well over 200 cars, trucks, and bikes and the weather was very close to perfect.  It made for a great day to check out all the cars and trucks and bikes from the very classic up through the futuristic like the hubless, electric motorcycle that was brought by the Brevard Sheriff’s Department.  As always, keep an eye on our upcoming events page to find us at the next public event and check out our personal electric cars and ask us anything about driving on electrons.

image image(1)

Energy Whiz at the Florida Solar Energy Center

We had a great time with our electric cars on display at the Energy Whiz event held at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, FL.  Even the mayor was there to kick things off!  They had several events where kids and even adults could compete in energy conservation and alternative energy related activities.  They had: home built solar over cook-off, solar powered air conditioned dog and pet houses, hydrogen powered RC cars, solar powered RC race, and the electrathon race with bicycle wheel sized ride in electric cars.  Take a look at some of the pictures from the event here:

20160514_092625 20160514_092704 20160514_092840 20160514_095616 20160514_162227

Here’s the full album with videos:

Melbourne Beach Founders’ Day 2016

This was our third year attending this annual event held in the heart of the town of Melbourne Beach.  The previous two years we were just a part of the classic car show.  This year our electric cars were the entire car show.  We must have talked to over 200 people as they passed by with their lemonades, funnel cakes, arts n crafts, and hot dogs who all had some very good questions for us about our cars.  Some were under the impression that we were there to sell cars and started asking us questions about our set of used car prices!  We quickly let them know we were just a club but if they wanted to buy an EV we would help them find the perfect one for their driving needs.  That seemed to be the running explanation of the day since we had so many different makes and models there to show with some all electric and some with gasoline generators that start up after the battery runs down.  It was easy to show people how there’s one to fit every person’s daily driving needs and budgets.  The Tesla Model X 100% electric SUV was the star of the show and was the one everyone walked up to first.  It’s always great to see the reactions from people when you tell them it’s the fastest production SUV on the planet and here it is sitting on Ocean Ave in Melbourne Beach Florida.  We love explaining everything about our cars and how much better our driving lives are since we’ve switched away from gas-only cars.  With all of our great explaining and letting people sit in our cars and “kick the tires” we even helped one couple decide to buy a used Chevy Volt that will be joining our club next week!

We had a great time and look forward to attending again next year.  At the rate we’re growing, we’re sure to have nearly twice as many cars there too!

Here’s a few photos from the event:

20160507_102125 20160507_103513 20160507_105808 20160507_114448 20160507_133729

Here’s a link to the entire photo album:

Earth Day 2016 at Kennedy Space Center

We were invited out to the Earth Day Event on April 22, 2016 to display our personal electric vehicles at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center right next to the Rocket Park.  This was a great honor to be parked so close to some historical hardware like the actual walkway from the launch pad where the astronauts that walked on the moon walked across before climbing into the Apollo capsule.  We were set up right next to the Proterra 100% electric city bus and some other home made EVs like the solar powered three wheeler and another three wheeler with a trunk full of batteries.  One of the highlights of the day was being able to talk to the young kids about electric cars and explaining how they work and what makes them better than gasoline cars and why we decided to drive them.  They all agreed that the future would be full of solar power and electric cars.  We also tested out the brand new and FREE EV charging stations the Kennedy Space Center installed just a week ago.  So now if you have an EV you can visit the space center and charge up your car for free while you’re parked.  Thanks, KSC!  One of our founders, Josh Pritt, was also interviewed by the NASA Learning Network and the video was posted online.  We had a great time and will be looking forward to many more events at KSC as well as using the chargers when visiting.

Here are some photos from the day:
20160422_161957 20160422_155624 20160422_155311 20160422_135550

And here’s the full album with TONS of photos:

Earth Day 2016 at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary invited us out again to their Earth Day event.  For such a small park we must have talked to over 100 people!  This was the third year we brought some electric cars out to show and answer all the great questions from those attending the event.  Everyone agreed the weather couldn’t be more perfect and it was indeed a really great day to show and talk about electric cars.  There were at least two people who’s mind were really changed and might be looking to buy an EV really soon!  Even though we aren’t salespeople trying to sell cars we are very happy when we can change someone’s mind and really show them how happy we are with our cars.  I think once people see all the different makes and models available and their differences and similarities it helps them imagine an EV in their daily commute.  Hopefully we can do even more events like this in the future and answer even more questions from everyone!

Here’s some pics taken from the day:
20160423_102000 20160423_102037_002 20160423_102421 20160423_133757

Here’s a link to the full album with lots of photos:

Eastern Florida State College Earth Day Event

The Melbourne campus of Eastern Florida State College invited us to bring our electric cars out to display during their Earth Day / End of Classes event on April 27, 2016.  It was a huge hit and everyone loved seeing the different makes/models we had.  It was the first time many of them saw a Tesla Model X in person.  There was a free salad bar and smoothies from the Cosmic Cafe to be had while you made your own tie-dyed shirts, painted flower pots and planted seeds, and learned about ways to lower your carbon footprint while having fun driving electric.  We made sure to let them know to invite to any other events in the future as well.  Hopefully we’ll be back really soon!

Here’s a few photos from the event:
20160427_121650 20160427_121712 20160427_123037 20160427_130648

Here’s the rest of the photos and full album from the day:


April Monthly Meet Up Recap

This month we met up at the chargers behind the Brevard Medical City building.  Then we walked over to the Fiesta Azteca Mexican restaurant and filled up our table of 25.  This was our biggest table yet!

We had someone look us up on the internet and found our website and gave us a call.  He lives in a condo and had lots of great questions about charging stations for those tenants that might be looking to purchase an electric car.  He said he wanted to get ahead of the tide that’s coming with more and more people buying and switching to EVs.  We gave him plenty of info about all the different options and ways to meter and have the drivers pay for their own electricity.  Their biggest worry was that other tenants would be mad that they would be paying for someone else’s electricity for their car.   We gave him plenty of links to check out on the computer later as well.  And of course let him know they can invite us out to talk to them and explain in even more detail all the possible options out there.

We added another new member this month and this time we added a new make/model EV to our list: The new Tesla Model X electric SUV.  Now our membership looks like this:

Total EVs:
Total Members:
EV Models:
RAV 4 EV 2
Nissan Leaf 18
Mitsubishi iMiEV 1
Ford Fusion Energi 1
Chevy Volt 12
Ford Focus EV 1
Tesla Roadster 1
Tesla Model S 7
Ford CMax Energi 2
Plug in Prius 3
BMW i3 1
Tesla Model X 1

Here’s a few photos taken from the meet up:

20160403_155911 20160403_160154 20160403_160848 20160403_161006 20160403_161039 20160403_161625_001 20160403_162649