West Melbourne Library – Truck or Treat Event

The West Melbourne Library invited us to bring a few EVs to this event to show off along with the big trucks like buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, armored police trucks, and give out candy to the kids in costume.  It turned out really well and for some of the younger kids it was a bit of Halloween “practice” for saying “trick or treat” and “thank you!”.   While giving out chocolates and lollipops to the kids we also gave out information to the adults about electric cars.  There were lots of those that still thought the Chevy Volt was electric only and didn’t know it had the gasoline backup generator.  Most of the complaints were that EVs were too small.  They want SUV and Van sized EVs to carry around their 3-7 children and friends.  So if you’re reading this and you can help get the message to the manufacturers please make sure they know to start putting the Voltec drive train into SUVs and Vans.  The plug in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica is EXACTLY what they are looking for.  It was a fun event and we’ll look forward to going again next year.

Full photo album here:  https://goo.gl/photos/P6KLjvUGYiKYyLy2620161015_095648 20161015_095653 20161015_095718 20161015_095803