Florida Tech Res Life Sustainability Event

1901116_749705408454518_8502745762346830147_n 10443359_749705528454506_4816436299826029037_n 10277491_749705931787799_3612331714501421647_nWe were invited out to bring some electric cars to showcase at the end of the Res Life Sustainability event at the Florida Tech campus.  We brought a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV 4 EV, Toyota Plug in Prius, and the hit of the night was the Tesla Roadster.  The students were encouraged to take selfies and pictures with the EVs and use the event’s hashtag to mark them on their social media network of choice.  The bright yellow, super sporty Tesla Roadster was by far the number one car picked for their photo ops.  It also helped that it was placed directly under the one outdoor floodlight as well…

We set up our tent and table with the usual information and handouts right by the door where the students would exit the building at the end of the tour.  Almost every one of them had questions about driving electric and we were able to answer them all.  Normally we would give test rides to those that wanted to but the small space in the parking lot didn’t allow easy driving in and out.  We made sure to give out our business cards so they could follow us on our website for the next event so they could catch a test ride then.  Some of us reminded the students that they could always drop by their local dealership for a test drive and that the Space Coast EV Drivers is only an email away for any questions they come up with that stumps the salespeople!

Lots of fun was had in our sometimes deep discussions with some very good questions from the students and the free Chipotle tacos were crazy delicious to boot.  We are looking forward to many more events like this in the future.  If you have an event that could benefit from a Q&A session with actual EV owners and enthusiasts feel free to email us today!

-posted by Josh Pritt